Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Progress Report

Nothing finished to show you today, far too many things started, so I thought I'd give you a progress report on my flower quilt. It's been coming on slowly. Originally I thought I'd make 7 of the 'flowers' but I've got to 5 and I think that might actually be enough. It's only going to be a smallish single quilt.

You can see I've done a couple of leaves too. Here are the 'flowers' close up:

My original one with the leaves.
So now to start the background. I was thinking I'd like to do something like this:

would be a great piece to decorate around...a dining room, a kid's room, a craft room.

From my Mini Quilts Pinterest Board - a beautiful quilt.

But I'm a bit worried, now I've done the flowers, that it might all be too busy and I might lose the flowers in there. I'm not sure that the patchwork will stand out against the patchwork if that makes sense. Any opinions or advice?

I'm off to collect my little ones now, two days in and I'm still not taking to this school business. I want Summer back!

See you tomorrow, Sally. 

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