Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tarka Craft Workshops

Ages and ages ago (at the beginning of July!) I went along with a friend to a lovely craft workshop organised by Tarka Crafts. There were three crafts on offer over the evening and we could each choose the two that we liked most. Here are some photos of the lovely things we could choose between:

Photo: A couple more bookings today for our crafty night out at the Plough, Torrington on Thursday evening.  A fun, sociable and relaxing night guaranteed :) plus the chance to create pottery, jewellery or decoupage garland alongside your fellow crafters.  Room for a few more if you fancy joining in, just get in touch :)  Looking forward to seeing you from 7pm...

Photo: Bathroom, Bedroom, Studio, Study, Playroom, lots of possible places for this style of plaque in your home. 
This one yet to be fired!

Photo: Mum's Garden plaque, great to make for yourself or your mum or grandma.  Ready to be fired!

Photo: Jewlery Making at Tarka Craft Workshop - July 4th

I went for the wooden butterflies with fabric decoupage and a ceramic garden sign. Here are my butterflies:

We've done decoupage here before, but only ever with paper of some kind, I've never thought to do it with fabric, so this was really great to try. And these butterflies are, of course, headed for Venetia's room!

This is my Garden Sign:

Which I also really enjoyed making. Can you make out that it says 'Fairy Garden' on there? It's now hanging above our Fairy Garden looking beautiful.

The girls are still enjoying the Fairy Garden. Maria keeps putting a little pile of acorns in there for the fairies, and much to her delight, they keep disappearing!

This sign is the reason it's taken me so long to write about the Workshop on here - you might be able to see imprints of a fern on the green areas, we placed different leaves etc on the clay and were supposed to gently roll over them to leave an imprint. I think I wasn't quite gentle enough because after I rolled mine, half the fern seemed to be left stuck in my clay, so my sign had to go off to be fired before I could paint it, this burnt away the fern bits. And I went over to Tarka Pottery during the holidays to paint it and then leave it for another firing. I finally collected it last week.

This suited Theo very well because he came along with me too and made his own sign from scratch:

Theo's 'Zelda' sign - a triforce for anyone who knows anything about Zelda!

It was so lovely to go out for the evening to make things - and not to have to worry about what the children were up to or how messy my kitchen was getting! And the good news is that Tarka Crafts are running another Workshop in just a couple of weeks time. It's on Thursday 19th September, in Torrington, if you're local and interested in going along, have a look on their Facebook page here. I'm liking the look of these signs that we can make:

That's it for today, back tomorrow, Sally.

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