Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fabric Card

Yesterday I found myself in urgent need of a card for someone. And it needed to be a special card - not special in any particular way to do with its appearance, but special in that it needed to show some thought and care. I'm sure I could have found a bought card that could have done this, but since I really wasn't planning on going anywhere that sold any cards, I decided I'd better make one. Not something I often do, I have to admit. Homemade cards in this house are usually made by one of the children, but this particular situation called for a grown up card.

I started off by sewing a scrap of fabric onto a thickish scrap of paper - just machine sewed.

Then I sewed 3 thin strips of  fabric on to another scrap, all raw edges, nothing clever. And drew a very basic shape on it.

Cut it out, stitched it on to my blue background, adding a beak and some legs. Then hand stitched a button eye.

Then I just glue gunned it on to some card.

Very simple, and so much better than having to drive off to a shop to hunt for one. But talking of shops I'm off for some retail therapy now - as comfort for missing my little ones at school! But of course it's Charity Shop retail therapy so I can come home with several bags full and still not have spent much at all.

Back again tomorrow - maybe with my purchases if I'm lucky, Sally.

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