Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More thrifting...

I sat down this morning to crack on with my quilt, I was soooo close to finishing, just one little line of stitching to go ... and my sewing machine needle broke. And what was worse, I didn't have any others left. Aaaagh! After several rude words, and then a piece of chocolate cake to cheer myself up, I dashed off to the nearest town and a sewing shop to replenish my needle stocks. And here's what I came back with - can you see my needles right in the middle?!

I couldn't possibly not pop into a charity shop while I was out. So now I have yet another flower picture...

I know, I know, I have no more room for flower pictures, but look how beautiful and bright and colourful it is? And there were two very cute little tops which will cut up beautifully to use in patchwork...

And I thought this sturdy tray type thing would be just the thing for putting my current hand sewing project in, and carting it from room to room without losing all my bits - vital in fact, don't you think?

And as for this (very large) remnant - do I really need to explain myself? You surely already know I can't resist a retro print...

Then this cushion. I have plans for a seasidey room in the extension for my parents, and for some reason this cushion just looked like it would fit in perfectly with that.

And lastly this squirrel picture. I was thinking just yesterday, when I was in Autumn blogging mode, that one thing that was missing from my Autumnal decorations so far was something squirrely. So how fortunate was this?!

And how cute is he? He's already gone up on the wall in my corner from yesterday.

And talking of Autumn decorating, I was very excited today to find two additions to my Autumn linky thing. Lauren from The Thinking Closet has visited and linked up a couple of her projects, I especially love her pumpkin, have a look at how effective her curly tendrils are on there! I think I may be getting slightly pumpkin obsessed!

Anyway, since I did actually manage to remember the needles in amongst all my other exciting purchases, the quilt is now finally finished - and looking pretty good I think. But I'm afraid you can't see it quite yet. I'm really sorry but it belongs in a blog post with the other quilt I'm well on the way to finishing - so you've still got to wait. You'll just have to put up with a light weight thrifting blog today knowing that at some point in the nearish future there will be a heavy weight quilt blog coming up.

Got to go now, see you again tomorrow, Sally.

(And here's the Autumn linky thing so you can have a look at Lauren's lovely projects)

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