Monday, 16 September 2013

Peacock Mini Quilt

It seems such a long time since these beginnings...

Maybe that's because it began back in Summer and now it feels very much Autumn. But here is the Peacock Mini Quilt finished:

I'm very happy with how it turned out. I love the colours and I'm really pleased with how the quilting lines worked. Mini quilts are great to play around with different quilting lines. Lines that I just couldn't manage on a big quilt with my basic, little machine.

My only problem is that I still like the idea of giving all my mini quilts a quote or words of some sort (bee mini quilt with quote here, mini quilt wall idea at the end here), and I'm really struggling with peacocks! Anyone out there know a good peacock quote? One that I'd like to have hanging on my wall?

I've got quite a few possibilities, a couple of them are quotes, some of them are taken from peacock stories, some of them are lines the children and I have been coming up with. See what you think:

'Beauty gets the attention,
Personality gets the heart.'

'The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of his tail'

'Circles within circles
Magical all seeing eyes'

'Strutting and proud'

'Feathers with a thousand eyes'

'He walks so very tall and vain'

'A festival of eyes'

'Standing proud
Looking beautiful'

'The eyes of the Gods'

'Decked in his finery'

'All regarded him with envy'

'Extravagant and showy'

'Do not sacrifice your freedom for the sake of pomp and show'

'What good is all this beauty with such an unpleasant voice?'

'Each one has its special gift,
Do not envy the gifts of others. Make the most of your own'

'The female of the species is less vain than the male'

Any of them stand out to you? I can't decide.

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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