Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Forgotten bits

Venetia has pointed out to me that I've missed a couple of important items when showing you around bedrooms - one from her room and one from mine. This is going to be a very quick post to sort that out. A quick post is good today because it's our very last day of everyone being off on hols, Theo goes back tomorrow...

He's off to Secondary School tomorrow, sniff, sniff.

We've spent the day so far doing jobs and getting all organised, including the above obligatory photo shoot in smart, clean and unwrecked school uniforms (all 4 together took a little time and, unfortunately, you won't get to see it - one of Sam's conditions for putting up with it being taken!). I've also had to do some, slightly frantic, sewing of a completely new quilt - which I need to get finished, washed and dried by tomorrow night - so more on that on Saturday probably, it's looking good so far I think. But enough time has been spent on all that, the sun is shining and we need to get to the beach for one last holiday dip in the beautiful sea - so a quick look at forgotten bedroom bits...

First up is Venetia's mirror. We decoupaged it with lots and lots of butterfly stamps, it was a good one for Venetia to help with. Very hard to photograph I found, but it does look lovely!

We found different packs of themed stamps cheaply on Ebay - there are some here as I write. It was a very easy decoupage project since the stamps are already perfect, small sizes and nice and thin so they stick down very easily.

Second forgotten make is just a small one from my bedroom door.

Just a simple wire and button flower. I love buttons!

And on that, slightly abrupt, note we're off to the beach. Back tomorrow, Sally.

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