Monday, 23 September 2013

Patchwork Cushion Repair

I've had a wonderful weekend, but with not a lot of making happening. I did get a lovely, long swim in the river with the boys though - lovely, but cold! I think it could be our last river swim - unless possibly the sun shines next weekend and tempts us one, more, last time. The boys found it very funny that I came out red (better than blue mind you!) and I certainly needed my warm bath afterwards!

I did do a bit of sewing but it wasn't hugely exciting - I made a big, plain throw for a friend who loves the comfiness of her sofa but hates the look of it. There was a bit of her fabric left over for a few cushions too.

It's amazing how different a horrible sofa can look with a throw and new cushions, I have past experience of this!

And my other little bit of sewing was on this cushion.

It was a present for a good friend last year, and while I was round at her house last week I was deeply mortified to notice that it was coming apart a tiny bit in one place. Terrible workmanship!

I whisked it away to mend it - and photograph it for you too!

I'd forgotten just how lovely and bright it was! The front is slightly quilted, with a scrap of blanket behind, and I sewed 'S' shapes on each of the nine squares for the quilting lines, because it was for a 'Sarah'.

That's all you get for today - I have two big makes (ie quilts!) I'm cracking on with today that I'm hoping I'll have finished some time this week to share with you, and it feels like I have quite a backlog to get made after that too, so less writing, more sewing!

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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