Tuesday, 24 September 2013

More Autumn!

I've Autumnified another little corner of our home!

The cushion I made ages ago but it's just been sitting in one of my sewing piles unused. It's a replica of a shop bought one we have - you can never have too many owls! And the colours seemed perfect for Autumn so it finally got stuffed and put out on a chair.

Here's the rest of the corner...

A little cross stitch mouse - not made by me. Cross stitch is something I haven't so far tried. I found this little mouse in a charity shop, and he, again, seemed good to go for Autumn.

This was another charity shop find from quite a while back, and another cross stitch one. Can you see it has 'Autumn' embroidered at the bottom? Perfect! And lovely oak leaves and acorns in just the right Autumn colours. There were two pictures in the shop at the time, this one and a 'Spring' version as well, again in cross stitch and again with a bird. I bought them originally thinking that I'd put them up in my 'bird' area - ie the cat's room, but I never got round to it and now 'Autumn' seems just right here. Sadly, there were no 'Winters' or 'Summers' in the shop, perhaps whoever made them got a bit bored after two cross stitches. So I shall have to think of what I might want to hang in this space for those other two seasons.

These blocks really ought not to be in my Autumn space, I'm sure I could think of lots more appropriate things to put there instead. But they're very special to me and I can't bear to pack them away. I made them from a piece of driftwood that I found when I was walking on the beach with Sam last Autumn. It was really good to spend that time with just Sam, and it's a walk I'll always remember. The piece of wood was just big enough to make another set of blocks the same for Sam. And both have got the date, place and 'walking with Sam,' or 'walking with Mum,' burned on in smaller letters on the back. I'm not sure how much Sam appreciates them at the moment, but hopefully he'll keep them long enough until he is of a slightly more nostalgic age and does appreciate them even more.

I'd put my corner together to this extent when I realised what it really needed was, of course, another pumpkin! So I quickly whipped up another, smaller wool pumpkin (first one, with full pictures on how I made it here), this time with buttons as decoration.

And it is just what was needed!

We had a quick Autumn make at the weekend for one of our window areas too. Our garden is overflowing with apples at the moment, we are eating them like mad but I thought I'd try a making experiment with them too. I sliced a couple of them up thinly, laid them out on a plate and microwaved them for 30 seconds, then laid them out on a tea towel in the airing cupboard for a couple of days to dry. They worked better than I expected and we just threaded them together to make an apple dangly thingy!

Bit strange perhaps, but I kind of like it! Especially when the sun shines through them, the individual apple slices are surprisingly beautiful and each one unique.

I'm off back to crack on with my quilts again now, as ever it takes longer than I, optimistically, think to finish them. Don't forget to add your Autumn makes below too.

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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