Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bee Quilt

So here's the finished Bee Quilt (front started here and back here

Not my favourite quilt ever, but nice and bright and colourful. And Venetia loves this one, which is reassuring since this one is for a little girl not that much older than Venetia. The little girl's name is 'Honey' - hence the not very subtle or clever bee theme!  - and, after my post last week about quilt backs, I decided I'd add her name to the back too.

I think the back is something I'll try to pay a little more attention to from now onwards, although perhaps I should qualify that with a 'when I have enough time'! Claudine, from Becoming Claudine, summed up my ideal quilt back beautifully in her comment on my post:

'I like the idea of there being a "surprise" on the back of the quilt...but not specifically making it so fancy that it is reversible. Whatever is on the back is like a little special treat just for the person being blanketed with it...'

So as well as her name, Honey has got a little appliqued bee on the back too (up near the top, along the pieced strip - can you see it?). And I put three little bees on the front too, did you spot them? Here's one...

I made the bees from wool scraps, the brown stripes are just tight zigzagged brown lines across. And they also have the added advantage of not being 'new' fabric - so in the end I didn't actually (quite!) make a quilt entirely from new fabric! Phew! I was having nightmares about that possibility!

See you again tomorrow, Sally.

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