Thursday, 3 October 2013

'Hope Sews' Quilt and Pudding Evening

Last night I went along to a 'Quilt and Pudding' Evening - could anything sound more perfect than that?! It was organised by Emma of Hope Sews, take a minute to go and 'like' her Facebook page if you possibly can. I wrote about 'Hope Sews' back here, but to give you a quick recap - Emma is trying to get lots of quilts made to send out to orphans in Romania through the Humanitas Charity.

So last night there was a group of about 14 of us gathered together in our local Community Centre to eat and make. Emma had got together a good collection of fabric - mainly a mixture of donations and charity shop finds. Those who had sewing machines, brought them, but there was plenty of cutting to do as well as any sewing. I think only a few of the people there had ever made a quilt before, and most were very inexperienced at sewing with a sewing machine, but everyone was interested and keen to be involved and help.

These are a few of the quilts we started between us:

And just look at the delicious puddings we got to eat...

Here's Emma herself on her very beautiful pink sewing machine:

She's just setting our friend Caroline off sewing - I think Caroline is quite possibly a sewing and quilting convert now! It's a great way to start and she took to it so well.

And have a look at this snazzy machine too - between the two of them I have definite sewing machine envy!

These are some of the quilts Emma has received for 'Hope Sews' already - you can see more on her Facebook page.

Several people very kindly took quilt tops away at the end of the evening to carry on working on them at home. And we've got another evening pencilled in for the beginning of November now, hopefully we might get some quilting and binding done then too.

Do any of you go along to any quilting groups? Maybe you've done this kind of thing in the past? Or is it something you might consider now? Perhaps you have craft loving friends who might all join you in an evening of making for a good cause like this? As I said right at the start - a Quilt and Pudding evening, what could be more perfect?

Back tomorrow with a photo - I have finished my quilt but quite apart from it being photo day tomorrow, the quilt is hanging up in the kitchen still very damp after being washed and I haven't taken any photos of it yet - so Saturday will be bumper quilt post day, I promise! I'm just hoping tomorrow might not be as wet as today so that a) it might dry better and b) I can take it outside somewhere to photograph properly, fingers crossed for some sunshine!


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