Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shirt cuff upcycle

Last week, when I was finishing off one of the Flower Quilts, Theo walked past and spotted a half dismantled shirt amongst the mess on the table (I chopped up an old, pale blue shirt as one of the fabrics in the sky). I'd used both the sleeves and Theo pounced on the discarded cuffs and asked if he could have them and make something out of them. I didn't know whether to be proud and chuffed, or slightly concerned at what I was creating and what any future girlfriends might think of it. Even I, hoarder extraordinaire of even the tiniest scraps of fabric, hadn't been planning on using these cuffs. But of course the answer had to be yes he could have them and make something.

And this is what he created, with a tiny bit of help from me getting going on the sewing machine - a little pocket wallet type thing.

It is pretty small - it was literally just the cuff to start with - but he seems to be finding uses for it, even out in the garden, as you can see from its already mucky state. It just goes to show that even the smallest scraps can be put to use!

If you have a bit more of a shirt sleeve left over then it's much easier to create something a little larger and maybe slightly more versatile. I made lots of bags as alternative wrapping for Christmas presents last year, and found old shirt sleeves a really quick, easy fabric to use for smaller bags.

Perfect for goodies or a small present!

Got to go now, back tomorrow, Sally.

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