Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dinosaur Duvet

My oak leaves quilt has been put on hold for a little longer, I have a new quilt I'm frantically trying to get made instead! One for Sam. His birthday is coming up and I've been struggling to think of any good presents. Sam is my hardest one, by far, to think of any presents for. And I also always like to make at least one thing for all my little ones' birthdays - and I've really been struggling with what to make for Sam too. The obvious answer was a quilt, and I've been collecting 'Sam related' fabric for quite a while to turn into a quilt. But the trouble was:
  1. I didn't have any particular idea in my head about how it would look.

  2. I didn't have quite enough fabric that would work together.

  3. I didn't think I'd left myself enough time to get it done.
However, spurred on by not having any other options, and by a friend who had every confidence in me overcoming all the above problems, I made a quick, rushed fabric order last week (more new fabric - aaggh!) and now have no time to write any more for you. I must sew instead! (I have a feeling it still might not be finished quite in time though, my friend has too much confidence in me! Or perhaps just absolutely no awareness of how long these things take to make - I did mutter rude things about her late last night, along with things like 'Whose stupid idea was this!')

Anyway, while I go off and sew, I thought I'd let you look at a Duvet cover I made Sam, long, long ago now, before I started making quilts. At the time he was obsessed with dinosaurs (those were the days when it was easy to find presents for him!) and I just bought a plain duvet and appliqued on a big dinosaur scene. Here it is.

I remember this took a long time too!
He's just about to become a teenager, so you can see it is really about time I updated his homemade bedcover! Here are some of the dinosaurs close up, a few of them could do with a quick mend now:

That's it for today, got to go now, Sally.

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