Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Falling leaves...

Well, a fat lot of good all of you are! Not a single suggestion from the lot of you on yesterday's crafting disaster. Thanks a bunch!!!

As I was dropping off to sleep last night I came up with a possible idea. I knew little leaves cut out from wool would float, just from my experience with washing/bleaching/dyeing wool, but I wondered whether if perhaps they were left in water for a length of time they might soak up enough of the water to then sink. So I hopped back out of bed and quickly snipped a few leaf shapes to pop in a cup of water overnight.

When I woke up this morning they were still floating, but I gave them a little prod, and - eureka! - they sank.

But don't get too excited, it's still not looking hugely pretty. I snipped up some more leaves in a mixture of colours and left them soaking first thing, but they've needed the whole day to get to the sinking point. Various different fingers have been prodding them at various different times during the day, but it's only been since after tea that they've started to sink a little. And this really hasn't helped, because this is definitely a make that would be better photographed in daylight, without a flash.

But, since I know you're all on the edge of your seats to see how it looks today (!), here are some photos anyway.

As you can see the leaves have definitely sunk.

They do sort of billow around reasonably.

And they do sort of sink - although there's one stubborn floater up there.
As well as the daylight issue, I think it's not helped by the water still looking somewhat cloudy - I've come to the conclusion that our water just is quite cloudy! And also I think maybe it might look better with a little tree in there too - something to give it a bit more height inside. Whatever the reason, I don't think the girls are overly impressed with it. They both said it was 'good', but you'll notice there are no cute photos of them playing with it and looking entranced! So, despite some improvement today, still not my most successful make.

To end this post on a slightly more positive note, I've been making good progress on my quilt (despite my sewing machine being a complete pig today), I'm almost ready for the binding, just a tiny bit more quilting first. Fingers crossed I might be able to show you on Thursday??? (Maybe Saturday!) And I've been busy cutting up lots and lots and lots of leaves ready for an Autumnal quilt.

I'm itching to get started sewing this - although once I do, I have a sneaky feeling that this many leaves will soon feel a little daunting to get through. But don't you think it looks promising? Lots of lovely colours, and all beautiful, soft wools.

See you again tomorrow - definitely with no more installments on the squirrel 'falling leaf globe'! But if any of you come up with a sudden brainwave as to how to improve it further - perhaps distilled water???! - then feel free...!


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