Monday, 28 October 2013

Making Pumpkins

We've never been huge on Halloween here but I've been trying to get in the mood today by making pumpkins with the girls. They were loosely inspired by this pin,

My DIY Projects: Present your cookies in a different way!

I know, it doesn't look much like a pumpkin. But if you substitute orange paint chips then it does start to look slightly more seasonal...

Please ignore all the far too visible mess in the background!

(Apologies for the terrible photos, I had to take them on Harry's phone, my camera is dead and refusing to charge up at the moment. I have such a terrible track record with cameras, but I'm hoping it's going to have a miraculous overnight recovery.)

We're planning on carving the real pumpkins tomorrow but these paper versions were the warm up act today. If you're looking for other child friendly Halloween crafts there are quite a few more paint chip ideas on Pinterest, how about a garland like this:

Halloween Garland I made after seeing something on Pinterest made by raiding the paint chips at Home Depot.

Pinterest is full of paint chip ideas generally in fact, this board - has lots that are quite grown up too.

Hope your Halloween preparations are going well and I'll be back tomorrow, Sally.

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