Saturday, 5 October 2013

Haiku's and Flower Quilts

Theo has homework,
Writing brilliant haikus,
I want to join in!

Haikus are poems,
Brief, simple, three lines only,
Middle line longer.

Wonky haiku time!
So what have I been up to?
Read some more and see.

Working on this quilt,
Hopefully for the flowers,
Not happy with it!

The sunshine part of this quilt was made very much as I made my Sunshine Quilt

Too many patterns,
I feared this might be the case,
Poor combination.

Need to think again,
Perhaps plain flowers on here
Would work much better?

So just watch this space,
Who knew I could do magic?
One quilt becomes two!

Now this is better,
A pretty flower garden
In the bright sunshine.

And here's the second,
Fancy flowers, plain background,
Quite like this one too!

Two beautiful quilts,
Hurray, things are looking good!
Then another thought.

A great idea,
What I need is a Haiku
For my peacock quilt.

My brain hurts a bit,
Quilt Haikus are quite tricky.
But Theo can help.

A peacock haiku,
Written specially for me,
His homework now done.

I do like Haikus,
But you may be pleased to hear,
No more tomorrow.

However, beware,
After Haiku work is done,
Sonnets will be next.



PS I did apologise in advance yesterday!


  1. Replies
    1. Theo thought I was bonkers! Think he may try and keep his homework extra quiet now! X


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