Thursday, 10 October 2013

Quilt Backs

There are times when I like to play around with a quilt back and do a bit of patchwork on it, or perhaps some applique. Not often, I have to admit. By the time I've finished the quilt front I'm normally ready to move on to another quilt or, frequently, just don't have time to do anything fancy with the back. But it does occasionally happen. Here, for instance, with my Hope Sews quilt:

Or even, to a lesser extent, with my Sunshine Quilt

More often than not though I'm very happy with something fairly plain, a vintage sheet is one of my favourite options. And my latest bee themed quilt was no exception. I finished the front and that was enough for me. Unfortunately though, I didn't have quite enough of the fabric I wanted to use for the backing. So, I've spent my sewing time today cobbling together a back with my leftover bits and pieces. Here it is:

I'm afraid this fabric is really difficult to photograph, particularly in a light wind, without the pattern going blurry!

It's not what I would have chosen to do - a back is a back after all! - but after being forced into it I have to admit it does look much better than just the one pink fabric on its own would have looked. Perhaps the back is something I should give a little more attention to more often. Especially when you look at some of these quilt backs I found on Pinterest, they make my pieced back above look positively feeble!

Awesome quilt back!

Storytime Squares Tips & Tricks: Pieced Quilt Backs

quilt backing by qusic,

But then I think sometimes it can go a little too far - look at these next two, I'd be very happy with these as quilt fronts!

Christys Quilt Back by BGMom1, via Flickr

Trina's Quilt Back

Although I suppose that is the whole point of them - they're reversible! But even so, however gorgeous they are I don't think I'd ever go to such extremes. I do really love these last few though.

Baby's name on the quilt back! Excellent Idea!

A simple appliqued name on the back - I think this is a lovely idea for a child's quilt. And I think these next two look beautiful and very effective as well:


Baby quilt back by WildStrawberryHandmade, via Flickr

So what do you think? Is it worth spending time on the back?

I'll hopefully have the finished quilt to show you quite soon, back tomorrow with a photo, Sally.


  1. I like the idea of there being a "surprise" on the back of the quilt...but not specifically making it so fancy that it is reversable. Whatever is on the back is like a little special treat just for the person being blanketed with it...

    You have some lovely lovely quilts! I aspire to quilt!

  2. I think that's a really good way of looking at it - 'a little special treat just for the person...' - I'm going to keep that in mind for future quilts, thank you! And definitely stop aspiring to quilt and have a go! I've just been having a good browse through your blog and not only do you have 4 gorgeous children just perfect to make quilts for, you also obviously have bags of creativity and sewing know how. And I love the idea behind 'Gladsome', it sounds wonderful.


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