Monday, 5 August 2013

Chair Cover

I've had this chair sitting in my kitchen for several months, right in front of my cupboards and annoying me.

It's been one of those jobs that I've been putting off. Everyone else has been quite happy with it there, especially the children since it's been in front of the high up cupboard that's full of 'goodies', and those chair arms have proved perfect for them to climb up on and reach the goodies! But this weekend I was determined to finish it off and get it to Venetia's room - its long planned destination. The wood used to be a dark brown colour, I painted it pink a long time ago, when it first appeared in the kitchen, it's just been waiting for new covers ever since.

This really wasn't a huge job. My mother in law (an excellent sewer!) made the existing orange covers many years ago now. They're removable, so it was just a matter of doing the removing and copying them on more suitable fabric.
The bare chair

The chair covers, a cross shape for the seat to be tied underneath and a slip over the top of the chair cover for the back.

Venetia and I chose some suitable fabric (from a pair of curtains!) and it was an easy and fairly quick job to use the orange covers as a pattern for the new ones. The cross shaped cover ties underneath the seat to hold it in place. And the back is covered with a slip over cover with velcro at the bottom to hold it in place.
If you have a chair that you'd love to cover, but you've been unsure of how to do it, then perhaps this design would work for your chair too?

The seat cover has ribbons attached that just tie in place underneath the chair.

The slip over cover for the top is just held together at the sides with velcro

Back view

So here's the finished chair:

And even better here it is in Venetia's room:

Sorry, slightly fuzzy photo! I was out in the rain with the girls yesterday, we got soaking wet and the camera got a little wet too, it's really not happy with me now!

Finally out of my kitchen! Now I just have to do something about that pile of fabric that's still blocking my cupboards. The children love this too, they seem to think it's a very comfy day bed to lounge on, and in the process, spread the fabric about even more! Maybe tomorrow, or the next day...


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