Saturday, 3 August 2013

Garden Mosaics

I've had an eagle eyed enquiry about the picture hanging above our new Fairy Garden. Did you even spot it?

Here's a close up:

It's a glass mosaic, on slate background, that's safe to have out in the garden. They're made by a very talented lady down in Cornwall. I came across her work at a local craft fair and could have happily bought her entire stall I think! I did end up buying 3 of her mosaics - spending all the money I'd brought in on my stall in the process, this is one reason I never do well at craft fairs!

Here are the other ones I bought:

I love them all! You can find her work on Facebook at Cornish Crafty Made and she also has a Folksy shop, have a look through her sold items  for more examples of her lovely work. Although she doesn't have a huge number of items for sale at the moment I'm sure she takes commissions. We wanted to buy one of her gorgeous dragonflies after the craft fair, as a present for someone, and she put a dragonfly in the shop specially for us, so if you're interested in any items then contact her. They do make lovely presents.

Since I don't have a picture of her dragonfly to share with you I thought I'd leave you with a photo of a dragonfly that Theo made at school and brought home at the end of term. I finally got around to hanging it up yesterday.

The body is made from a piece of driftwood, its wings have a frame made from willow with tissue paper wrapped around them and then coated in outdoor varnish and finally strapped on with wire. It looks lovely hanging in my garden now.

Sometimes very quick and simple jobs get left undone for days or weeks (sometimes even longer!), and then you do them in a matter of minutes and think "Why on earth didn't I get this done earlier?" - or is it just me who does this?! Anyway, this was one of those jobs, and there are a couple more of them lined up for the weekend!

Hope you have a great weekend, see you again Monday, Sally.


  1. Hi Sally, THANK YOU so much for this lovely article on my mosaics. My 'undone' job has now been sorted, I have listed some slates on my Folksy shop. I hope your followers like looking at my work and as you say if anyone would like a mosaic made up please feel free to contact me, I'm sure I'll be able to help. Happy holidays everyone, Joy x Cornish Crafty Made

    1. I love the mosaics you've listed, especially the fairies! Thanks very much for taking the time to comment and happy holidays to you too X


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