Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Theo's room

Theo has been tidying his room, it's still not perfect but I can now get in there and move around normally so it seemed like a good idea to share a couple of home made things from in there with you - before it gets far too messy again! Especially as we had another very quick and easy job in there that has been waiting to get done for ages and has now been done, definitely a theme of the week. (By the way, the new camera hasn't arrived yet but the old one has come back to life again - a really good dry out on a sunny windowsill and then a recharge has resuscitated it for a while at least.)

So this is the tiny job in there that has been sitting waiting to be done for ages:

It's a hanging photo display, lots of photo sized plastic wallets. It's had one lonely photo in it for ages, and has just been dangling from a curtain hook, right in front of the window. We've had photos printed ready, they've just never made it into those wallets. But here it is now:

Looking beautiful and colourful on Theo's wall. Such a simple thing and yet it's made a big difference to his room. In this digital age, it's so easy just to leave photos on your pc, maybe post them on Facebook and then hardly ever properly look at them again. One of Venetia's favourite presents last year for her birthday was an empty photo album and a big bundle of photos of her, and family and friends.

So here are some other bits and pieces in Theo's room while I'm at it:

This is an old sofa. I re-covered the cushions in a mix of the blues and reds that Theo has in his room and it's piled high with cushions, never beautifully arranged I'm afraid.

I made the patchwork one (ages ago now, very dodgy corners on show there) out of old jeans. 

This idea for displaying posters etc came from this book, I like lots of the ideas in here, nothing really fancy but all very do-able and homey:

And I think this is my favourite part of Theo's room, that makes me smile every time I walk past his open door.

It's just a simple banner hanging from one side of the room to the other. I made it last year from Theo's old school t-shirts. Every year we have a big pile of t-shirts that really aren't fit to go to a charity shop and aren't made from the loveliest fabric in the first place. It was great to do something with them last year. The letters and pictures are made from an old pair of jeans and are just machine appliqued on with raw edges. Theo loves insects so the pictures were all creepy crawlies:

Stag Beetle

Spider and web


This year I've just sorted through the old school uniform and have another box of t-shirts that really haven't worn well again. So I need to come up with another project for them.

Perhaps this one:

I found this via Beneath the Rowan Tree, another blog, there's a collection of  12 t-shirt upcycling projects gathered there if you're interested, but I think the rug is my favourite. What do you think?

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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