Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wool Quilt

What is the point of having a great big tower of scaffolding at the end of your house if you don't use it to photograph a quilt?

I've had the quilt top for this one sitting all done for months, just waiting to be backed and bound. Last week we had a sewing night at a friend's house - friends, sewing and chocolate roulade, who could ask for more? I spent the evening cutting out masses of strips of binding for all my unfinished projects:

And having the binding all ready to go finally gave me the impetus I needed to get this quilt finished.

It's wool again, all the same colour squares from an old blanket, with beautiful, jewel-like wool pennies blanket stitched on to each one. The design is just the same as this colourful quilt

Yet the quilts have such a different feel to them because of the completely different colour schemes. I do love both of them but I have to say I prefer this latest quilt - and I'm keeping it for me, hurray! I think it's the gorgeous wool fabrics in the pennies that really make it. Just look at some of them, aren't they amazing?

All from a mixture of old skirts, scarves and jumpers. This is my favourite kind of patchworking - turning unwanted, worn, sometimes damaged items and fabrics into something new and beautiful.

It's backed with a super soft old flannelette sheet, in a traditional thin, candy coloured stripe:

And I found a brilliant, and very long, remnant for the binding that was just the colour I wanted.

I'm very happy that it's finished at last.

And I've still got lots of strips of binding sitting there to spur me on to finish the next one!

Back tomorrow, with my photo of the week, Sally.

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