Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Playing with the underwater camera and a peek at a work in progress

I'm going to be very self indulgent today - sorry! When I started this blog I decided it was going to be very much a 'making' blog rather than a 'family' blog, not that family couldn't come into it but it was going to be 'project' heavy rather than 'gorgeous photos of my gorgeous family' heavy!!! BUT, if I don't share lots of our photos from our new underwater camera with you now then I'm going to have a mini breakdown when I try to choose just one photo come Friday! So, sorry, this post is going to be very top heavy on gorgeous photos of my gorgeous family! But I will show you a photo of an interesting work in progress at the end as a reward for bearing with me! (Or you could of course just cheat and skip through to that if you're really bored!)

So here goes:

This is the river near us, we frequently walk down to it in the evening and swim with the bats! And it's far harder than you might think to float on your back and take a photo of your own feet! We cheated in the end, I think these are Theo's feet which I photographed.

A very rare sight of me in a photo! It doesn't happen often, and when it does I usually dislike them so they never appear anywhere, but Theo made me put this one in!

2 photos of me in one post!

The fish tickle our feet!
 That's it, out of my system - for the moment at least! And here's my work in progress that I'm hoping to get back to over the next week maybe, it's been sitting unfinished for too long. I've got another quilt I'm just finishing some binding on and then I'm going to get this one finished. You'll be the first to see when it is!

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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