Saturday, 24 August 2013

The next mini quilt

I decided last night what I'm going to make as my next mini quilt. It's going to be a peacock. I've been thinking about making a big peacock quilt for some time, I love the colours. I even have a 'peacocks' board on Pinterest where I've been collecting images that may, or may not, help when I get round to it! (here if you like peacocks too)
So I decided it might be good to try a little peacock quilt first and see how it goes. For the mini quilt I thought, from a size point of view, maybe a side on peacock might be sensible. I liked this image (from my Pinterest board)


But was a bit worried something like this might need to be longer than I want. This one's good too:


But maybe a little too simplistic? (Possibly I will regret saying this later!) So I thought maybe something along these lines?

Baker's twine peacock Silhouette | Morena's Corner

Obviously this would have to be an applique quilt. I have a gorgeous bit of wool, from an old jumper, that's just calling out to be used in a peacock design somehow, I have used bits of it very effectively in several other things too, but it's really saying 'peacock' to me at the moment:

It's got a sparkly, metallic thread running through it.
So I decided it's going to be a wool applique mini quilt - and wool is so lovely to applique as well. I started late last night and have got quite a lot cut out:

It's going to go on a piece of linen, I think it's going to look good.

Just the sewing to do! Back Monday, Sally.

PS I don't know any good peacock quotes to add to it - anybody out there know any good peacock sayings?

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