Saturday, 17 August 2013

Half Square Triangles

So, back to my 'Half Square Triangles' quilt that I started right at the beginning of the holidays. It began as a pile of vintage sheet squares:

I turned them into half square triangles, there are plenty of tutorials on these, try here for example.

Once you've made your half square triangles (HSTs!), which really are very easy, there are so many different ways you can arrange them to make completely different patterns.

Have a look at a few ideas from trusty Pinterest:

Half square triangles block - pretty colours

half square triangle

hst quilt half square triangle coal baby

black background quilt all half square triangles
A pinwheel half-square triangle quilt | Little Island Quilting

All so different and yet they're all constructed from a simple HST - I've said it before I know, but how could anyone ever get bored with patchwork!!!

Anyway, this is how I pieced my HSTs:

And here it is quilted and with its border, all finished:

I made this one as a smallish picnic rug to go with a picnic basket and bear as a present for one of Maria's friends. I found some very pretty little china cups and saucers to go with it too:

They really wouldn't have lasted long with Maria I'm afraid, I think they stand a much better chance in their new home!

That's it for today, have a great weekend, Sally.

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  1. Thanks for your visit. Hope you try the tilted star. There is only one short seam...the first and it is in the book. You are going to have to treat yourself to a copy. I ADORE it. I had never thought about how many patterns are made with 1/2 triangles...HST’s. I am so old school that I am having to learn all the abbreviations. It is hard. Love your blog. Am adding it to my sidebar. Happy Quilting. genie


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