Monday, 26 August 2013

Flower picture

I've had this flower picture finished for ages now and keep forgetting about it when it comes to deciding what to put in the blog - possibly I keep forgetting because I was super organised and put it straight up on the wall once it was finished, very unlike me! Anyway, here it is now:

I cut out most of the flowers from various bits of vintage, flowery fabric I had and appliqued them. A couple of them aren't directly from the fabric pattern, I just cut out individual petal shapes with a circle in the centre and then sewed them all on individually - sorry, not sure that makes sense without photos, but I started this long before the blog so I haven't got any photos along the way I'm afraid. There's lots of embellishment from embroidery, buttons and beads too. You might be able to see a bit better in a close up:

The larger purple flower and the blue 'stripey' flower are ones that I 'created' from cutting out the shapes I wanted for petals and centre, all the others are just flowers I cut directly from the pattern of the fabric.
 I think the blue 'stripey' flower, above, is my favourite.

I made this picture to put on my bedroom wall. My bedroom has a bit of a 'flower' theme throughout, and a while back I found this embroidery in a charity shop and decided I wanted some more hoops to go with it:

I put together 5 hoops altogether (odd numbers are always good!) to go on the section above our wardrobes. Here they are in place:

It was really difficult to get a good picture I'm afraid, but here are the other 3 close up:

Just a lovely piece of vintage fabric I put in the hoop.

Another piece of fabric - this one came from a little top I had when I was tiny!
This last one is a beautiful, embroidered napkin I found and cut to hoop size.
They look lovely altogether up on the wall. I was going to show you some of the other flower pictures from the bedroom too, but I just can't photograph them in the gorgeous sunshine we have today. Even with the curtains drawn it's still too bright and I keep getting lots of glare on them. So I'll try again tonight in the evening and hopefully show you tomorrow.

And apart from photography difficulties we have lovely friends coming round very shortly, for a walk down to the river, swim, and back for a BBQ. It's going to be a good day - and I must stop writing this and quickly go and clean the toilets before they get here!

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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