Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Log Cabin Quilt

My camera is still not happy with me. I don't have a very good record with cameras at all. I keep finding that they really don't mix well with beaches and 4 children! This latest one has been struggling and slightly temperamental for some time, but I think I might have pushed it over the edge now! The good news is that my parents said they'd get me a waterproof/sandproof/hopefully Sallyproof camera ages and ages ago (as a joint birthday and Christmas present, and my birthday was back in October!), I just had to choose one and order it. This has been another of those jobs I've been putting off and putting off. And another of those jobs that I finally got done at the start of the weekend, hurray! So I'm hoping my new camera will arrive very soon. Maybe today. Perhaps that's what really pushed the old camera over the edge - it knew it was about to be replaced and unwanted, maybe it wasn't because I used it in torrential rain at all!

Anyway, while I'm waiting for the new one I have another of my Mum's quilts to show you, already handily photographed a while back. This one is very different in style to her Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt.

A log cabin with very striking use of colour. This quilt must be getting on for 30 years old now I think. And it's been well used - throw, picnic blanket, play blanket. As a result it is coming apart in a few places around the seams (you can probably see - some white patches around the edges of the blocks). Mending it is another job I must get round to, and unfortunately this is something I haven't got round to yet.

A simple thing, but the thin red border before the navy edging really makes it stand out I think.

I always find it amazing that colour can make such a difference in quilts, the same design can look totally different when made with contrasting colours. Take these very different Log Cabin quilts from Pinterest for example:

Log cabin

The shading gives such a different effect. Or this one, without particular shading:

Scrappy log cabin quilt

Yet all Log Cabins. And it's the same for other designs too. Have a look at these Chevron quilts:

kateoplis:    The Apartment

Such clever use of colour to make the design look 3d.

And yet the same basic design can look completely different and not at all 3d, just with different use of colours:

chevron quilt! maybe i can make it!

And again, another incredibly different quilt with different colours:

Beautiful colors chevron quilt

And one here with a completely different feel to it:

Bluprint Textiles: Chevron Quilt

Yet all a basic chevron design. How could anyone ever get bored with quilting?!

Anyway, that's it for today. I have no idea what I'll be back with tomorrow! It will depend on whether I get anything finished (not a lot of sewing going on here at the moment!), and more importantly whether I'm back in business with a camera.

See you then, Sally.

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