Tuesday, 27 August 2013

More Flower Pictures

I've got some more flower pictures for you today from around the bedroom - but I've really struggled with them and trying to avoid any glare or refections, even in evening light. I'm afraid I could really do with getting better at this photography business, but here they are anyway.

They're pictures I've collected over years of thrifting. I think the very first one I found might still be my favourite:

It's a beautiful embroidery, with so much detail. There's even a little ladybird on one of the leaves. Most of the pictures are textile art of some kind. This large, central picture is a tapestry;

There's another smaller tapestry and another embroidery in this grouping:

And the other grouping is made up of all textiles:

I made the small pansy picture, just with wool felt and emboidery. The large picture here is very simple, it's just a piece of fabric in the frame with a few of the details and outlines picked out with embroidery.

There are a couple of oil paintings, I think my favourite is this one:

And then a few more small ones...

And a lonely, little plate above a door...

Oh, and another small one I made on the window sill!

And how could I forget this one that Venetia made for me...

So you see, I like Flower Pictures! At certain times, for example when we're decorating cakes, I do sometimes - gently! - try to explain to the children the principle of 'less is more' - and, particularly with cake decorating, they just don't get it! I am a little worried I need to remember my 'less is more' principle with my flower pictures! But, the trouble is, I keep seeing lovely flower pictures sitting unwanted at Charity Shops! It justs seems a crime that somebody has put in so much time and thought and love, so much of their own special creativity, into making them and they're sitting there unwanted. So I have to bring them home with me! I've got several more recent acquisitions that I haven't hung up yet, I think there's one more patch of wall I could just about get away with filling, but after that I'm going to be really stuck!

You can just about see a quilt under these - more flowers on it! It's one of my few bought quilts - second hand of course - but it goes perfectly in my room.

I didn't realise it yesterday when I started off on the Flower Pictures, but I think there may be a bit of a flower theme going on this week. I'm hoping I might get time tonight to finish off my wool flower quilt from last week

So I might be back with that tomorrow, see you then, Sally.

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